How and where you position the desk in your study can influence your work and/or school performance.

Do not place a desk directly under a ceiling beam. This will result in great stress with work and studies.

A desk that is in line with the door (such as directly facing the door or with the side towards the door) will result in poor ability to focus.

A desk that is positioned in front of a large window or sliding door can result in one not receiving support for career or schooling endeavors.

A desk that is set in front of a bathroom will result in poor interpersonal relationships.

A desk that is placed in front of a large mirror could lead the person to psycho-cognitivedisorder issues.

A desk placed under a flight of stairs results in poor performance.

A desk that shares the same wall as the kitchen range or toilet will result in compromised fame and wealth.

A desk that is not placed against a wall reveals lack of support from superior or facelitator.

The best location to place a desk in 2011 is in the Southwest region of your property. It will bring you fame and success!