Some women have a difficult time finding the right man, entering matrimony with the man they love, or staying married.

These women are likely to have common facial features, including:

1. Wide and prominence forehead

It symbols that they may be restrained or hard to pleased.

It helps if they have bangs to cover up part of their forehead.

Or if they can try not to get married young to avoid poor outcomes.

They may also marry to men with wide and prominent foreheads to improve the likelihood of a happy marriage.

2. Long or crooked nose, a Roman nose, a nose with very low bridge, or wrinkles across nose bridge.

Women who have these traits must pay special attention to their health.

They may enjoy good marriage relationship if they marry to older or divorced men, or a widower.

Marrying a man with thick eyebrows or big eyes will be helpful as well.




3. Small ears with tiny ear lobes or ears with bulged out antihelix.

Women with this type of ears should marry men with thick ears, large ear lobes, or thick lips. This will facilitate good marital life.