For some individuals it is easy to achieve success in their careers, while for others it may appear impossible to hold down a steady job. These individuals tend to have different facial features.





It is likely to be difficult for someone with a very flat nose bridge and high cheekbones to become very successful with his or her career. Although high cheekbones indicate an abundance of drive and ambition, this individual is short of confidence, indecisive, lacks creativity, and tends to go with the flow with lack of consideration of consequences.


Individuals with big noses and high eyebrows usually are stubborn and unruly. Therefore it is difficult for them to gain appreciation from their colleagues and superiors.


People with narrow, pointed aquiline noses tend to be apathetic or merciless. Thus these individuals lack strong support networks to sustain them through times of need.


Finally, individuals with crooked noses and very thin lips are likely undependable. Therefore these individuals are frequently perceived as untrustworthy and therefore their success will be limited.