There are certain features of a female that suggest the man in her life will bring upon extra work, financial losses, and emotional fluctuations versus happiness and satisfaction. These features include:

1. A dashed and long marriage line.



The marriage line starts approximately ¾ – 1 inch below the pinky.

A female is likely to be taken advantage of by her man if she has a long and discontinuous (eg. dashed) marriage line that extends beyond the line between middle finger and pointer.

She is genuine in the relationship but her man is ruthless.



2. Scarred or Injured Ring Finger.



The ring finger represents one’s spouse.
Blemish, scar or any other injury on the ring finger reflects problems, difficulties or dangers your spouse will encounter.
Women with these features may encounter difficulties and distress due to their husbands’ poor investment or injuries in accidents.



3. A big face with very small nose or very flat nose bridge.

Again, the nose of a female represents her spouse.
The very small nose or a very flat nose bridge on a big face indicates insufficient wealth andluck.
Her spouse is likely to be irresponsible, unemployed, in debt, and may even steal her fortune and disappear.

4. A mole or Adam’s apple at the center of the neck.

A woman with an Adam’s apple or a mole on center of her neck often gets hurt or cheated in romantic engagements.
She does not like to give up on relationships even she knows something isn’t quite right; therefore she ends up having to deal with the problems.

5. Big feet and coarse palms.

A woman with big feet and coarse palms is a good wife who not only diligently manages the household, but also prospers her husband’s success.
However, her husband is unlikely to appreciate her contributions and may even become a playboy. She will become troubled by his love affairs.