The morphology of an individual’s nose is telling of whether he or she will achieve a lifetime of success.

It’s important to have a nose that’s complements one’s cheekbones.

If an individual has a small nose or a flat nose bridge yet has a high or pronounced cheekbones, it may be difficult for him or her to attain professional success.

If an individual has a big nose and raised eyebrows, he or she is likely to have a strong personality. This person tends to be too independent, making it difficult when team collaboration is required in the work environment and therefore hindering overall achievement in career-related endeavors.

One with very pointed nose tip, or an eagle nose usually prioritizes his or her own interests over others, putting comradeship, friendship, and work place ethics aside. Therefore this individual usually does not have good interpersonal relationships in the workplace.


An individual with a crooked nose and very thin lips often does not tell what they truly think. Therefore it’s difficult for them to get gain trust and support from coworkers to facilitate personal achievement.