You may be ready for marriage but your lover may not be. This is a frustrating situation that can be remedied by the following procedure.

1. Find a crystal glass or bowl, preferable one with symbols of love on it (hearts, etc.).

2. Find a rose- colored (pink or red) crystal ball that is about 2” ~3” in diameter.

Wash the crystal ball with salt water, rinse it with tap water and dry with a clean towel.
Let it sit under bright sunshine at noon time for 2 hours.

3. Line the bottom of the vessel with some dried rose petals.

4. Put the crystal ball on top of the rose petals.

5. Put the vessel on a stand in the Northeast area of your house (measured from the center of your house, covering 45 degrees).

If at all possible, put it in a public area such as the living room, dining room, TV room, study, or hallway. (NEVER put it in the kitchen or bathroom!)

6. The height of the stand should be above your waistline and below chest height.

7. Put a picture of you two beside the glass or bowl.

You should be walking down the red carpet soon!