Plants are amazingly effective in bringing desired positive energy to you, however it is important to exercise caution to prevent possible counter forces.

House plants should ideally be lower than chest height.

Plants that have high moisture content, such as Bengal Bamboo, Coconut Tree and Strangler Figs, should not be placed in the house.

Too many house plants in the home can build up excess moisture in the air, which may be unhealthy.

Climbing plants crawling on the wall may bringendless vexation.

If there is a plant, particular a bigger or taller plant in center of the property, you may find yourself trapped in some sort of unsolvable predicament in life after a period of time. 

Avoid odd shaped plants in the house. Plants that are trimmed into the shape of man or animals may actually bring negative energy to you.   

House plants must be spirited at all time. Trim withered leaves or replace them when wilted to keep your good luck.