If you and your love one have been cleared by the doctors but still are having great difficulty having a baby, there may be something wrong with the arrangement in your house.

Are there building corners pointed directly at your front door? Is there a street that aims directly perpendicular to your house, into the front door? Is your front door on the convex side of a street?

In these cases, plant trees to block corner of the building or view of the straight road. You may also set pots of plants along the front side of the home to cure the negative energy brought by the convexroad. 

Do you have a house that is missing the northwest or southwest corner? This can often result in difficulty conceiving and tension between relationships.  

In these cases, hanging up a painting of the blue sky or placing a clay dog statue in the northwest – or hanging a painting of big farm with sheep in the southwest – will help greatly.

A big ceiling beam across the kitchen stove or headboard of the bed can result in difficulty conceiving.

Hanging two dried gourds on the wall at the two ends of the stove, or at the two ends of the headboard, can revert the negative energy from the big beam to positive energy.

Sometimes when there is storage under the bed, people may leave metal sharp tools like knifes or scissors in there.

Remove them immediately.

Having a big refrigerator or something with a heavy motor in the southwest region of the home indicates that the hostess may have a cold womb that is hard to conceive.
Relocate it to another area of the house.

Negative energy that results in miscarriage can result from a placement where the stove is visible upon entering the front door.

Block view of the stove with a cabinet, a wall, or a screen.

A bed located right above an arcade or driveway could also lead to miscarriage.

The bed must be repositioned away from the arcade or drive way.

Walls with many nails that are not being used can bring negative energy resulting in infecundity.

Nails that are not used must be removed.

It is hard to get pregnant if the headboard of the bed shares the same wall with a religious picture or crucifix.

The bed must be repositioned to be put against another wall.