If you and your better half have explored all means but you still are unable to get pregnant, there are things you can do to help :

1.   First of all, move to a room that is located at the northeast of your house.  Its THE room for people who wish to get pregnant or married.

2.   If there is a corner of other building directed towards the front of your house, or if your front door is on the convex side of a street, you need to line up potted house plants to block the negative energy roused by these setups.

3.   Check if your house is missing the northwest or southwest corners.  If this is the case, place a beautiful solid rock or a ceramic/stone carved elephant at the missing corner to enhance the energy.



4.  If there is a roof beam crossing above your bed or the stove, you should move your bed to some other place, or hang two nature gourd on the beam above the stove to reconcile the undesired energy.

5.   Make sure to clear the miscellaneous things stored under your bed.