If you and your better half have explored all means but you still are unable to get pregnant, there are things you can do to help : 

1.   Put a pot of Epipremnum aureum in water on top of the refrigerator or any other large size house appliances if they are positioned at the southwest area of your house. 

 2.   Put a screen panel to block view of the stove if it can be seen directly from the front entrance.

3.   Remove any nails on walls that are not in use and mend the holes. 

4.   Re-position your bed if the headboard shares the same wall as a cross or painting of gods on the other side of the wall.

5.   You MUST move your bed to another room if there is a drive way or arcade under your bedroom.

6.   If nothing seems wrong, but you have not been able to get pregnant, a vacation in a different environment may be surprisingly helpful.

7.   If there is a pylon around your home that generates radiation, you may have no choice but to move to a different location.