If we are more keen and aware of the opportunities that come our way, we can better time our actions to reach our goals. Observing your palm can give you indications of the opportunities you have in the current moment.

When your palms look ruddy and glossy and the main lines ā€“ Love line, Life line, Wisdom line and Fate line are clear, deep and distinct, it is a good time to reconsider plans to pursue your lifelong dream, whatever it may be.

When the Money lines on the Mercury hill are clear, deep and distinct, even better if one of them links to the Health Line (Also known as the Coffer Line), either your investments will bring you profit shortly, or you should proceed with the investment plans you have in mind.

Having many horizontal lines on the second section (proximal phalanges) of the thumb is an indication of significant wealth, particularly if the lines are clear, deep and distinct.