The southwest area of a home is symbolic of a person’s abdomen, associated with the spleen, stomach, digestive system, female reproductive system, adipose tissue and muscles.  When there are bathrooms or kitchen in this area, those dwelling in the home are more likely to have health conditions associated with these organs, such as indigestion, skin rashes, dizziness, fatigue, difficult fertilization, or emotional fluctuations. 
 The most basic and important way to address these issues is to keep the kitchen or toilet very clean. 
There are several strategies that you should employ if you are in good health but still unable to get pregnant, and either the bathroom or kitchen is situated in the southwest region of your home. First you should place energy balancing water under the stove or toilet bowl. Then rotate
diffusion of Purify, Whisper, Solace, AromaTouch, Clary Sage, Lavender, and Peppermint to clear the space. Collectively utilized your chances of getting pregnant will multiply!
Purify_15ml 淨化清新
Whisper 仕女複方Solace_Rollon 溫柔呵護AromaTouch_15ml 芳香調理