Next week is the beginning of a new chapter. SowAFortune will utilize the I-Jing (Book of Change) to assist you with finding answers to your upcoming journey.

I-Jing is a collection of ancient Chinese wisdom and has withstood the test of time. It has provided guidance for people throughout the centuries and has been applied throughout the East and West.

There are eight trigrams representing Heaven, Lake, Fire, Thunder, Wind, Water, Mountain and Earth.


When they are combined with one another, total sixty-four hexagrams are obtained. Each of these sixty-four hexagrams consists of six lines, unbroken (positive) or broken (negative).

Each week SowAFortune will interpret a hexagram in sequence.

Meanwhile, when you have a question in mind, you can utilize a hexagram interpretation to find guidance.

You will need 3 coins to perform this ritual.
The head side represents 3, the tail side represents 2.

Quietly and sincerely pose the question you have in mind.
Toss the three coins and record the sum (head = 3, tail = 2). Repeat this process a total of 6 times so you have a list of 6 numbers.

SowAFortune will interpret the hexagram for you and guide you in this journey.