In 2015, North is the place for promotion and raise.

Put a gold or clay pig figurine here to enhance the positive energy.
2014-12-21 金豬       2014-12-21 金豬2

Earthy and yellow color are ideal.
Metal decorative ornaments, such as a gold or brass gourd is also good.
2014-12-21 黃金葫蘆3
No plants or green color are recommended.


In 2015, Northeast is the area to strengthen big wealth fortune, 
particular people who own their own business, or in sales. 
Promotions may also related to people who works in army or police force.
A round metal clock with a second hand on the wall at this area implies 
the wealth fortune is approaching to you every second.
2014-12-21 clock with second handA copper or gold horse figurine will bring the positive energy desired
and the promotion expected.
2014-12-21 黑銅馬
Decorate this area with earthy, muddy, white, or any metallic colors.
A big clay bowl that you can throw in all the changes in your pocket
at end of the day with a beautiful “ding” sound will bring the vibration 
of unexpected wealth fortune to you.
clay potNo plants, no green, orange, red or purple colors.