In 2015, Southeast is the area of sickness, particular middle and older aged female.

The most effective ornament to eliminate the energy of sickness is a copper gong.  Ancient tale said that sound of the gong attracts the sickness fairy away.2015-01-05 Brass gong

Plants are good at this area.

Copper, metal deco/ornaments such as a copper gourd and White, metallic colors are the choice of this area.2015-01-05 Brass gourd

If it’s a bedroom or study, set a white rug beside bed or under the desk for you to step on it whenever you get up from bed or sit in front of the desk. 

If it’s a kitchen, place a mate with 6 coins stick on it in front of the kitchen door or in front of the stove to step on when walk to the kitchen or cooking.  The coins can compromise the sickness energy.

Definitely not to use Black or red, orange, purple, muddy, earthy colors.