In 2015, West is an area that with worst negative energy yet it could be reverted to wealth energy if treated properly.  The negative energy could be contagious diseases, loss of wealth, and lots of snob. 

To eliminate all these negative energies, a copper rooster, or a string of Five Emperors coins will work.2015-01-26 Rooster

A copper bowl filled with five color gem stones to put at West will balance the energy, and additional five coins put on top of the gem stones may bring wealth fortune instead. 2015-01-26 七寶銅盆 2

White and metallic colors are the first choice for West. Green color is the 2nd.

 Must avoid blue, earthy, muddy, red, orange, purple colors at West. No clay ornaments, water and flowers in the West area.

In case of kitchen, a copper cup of Yin-Yang water helps to eliminate the enhanced negative energy by cooking. A white color mate in front of stove to step on while cooking also helps.