2016 will be another year filled with conflicts and uncertainty. Older females should pay more attention to their reproductive and digestive systems. People born in the year of Monkey may encounter significant changes in life.

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People If your income is performance based (such as investors, free lancers, casino dealers), you should emphasize good fengshui in the southern area (160-200 degrees) of your home and office.

Earthy colors (such as brown and beige) are best for the South in 2016.  Additional white or gold ornaments should be used to bring the desired energy.

Place a clay treasure bowel filled with coins in this area and your pockets will be filled.clay money pot

If you would like to create opportunities for traveling oversease, place a gold metal toy car that is bigger than your palm in this area, facing the front door.Gold toy carAvoid decorations that are red, blue or grey. No fish tanks in this area. Plants are okay if there is a clay treasure bowel filled with coins.

Frankincense is a good choice to diffuse in this area to bring fortune.Frankincense_15ml