9 at the beginning 

Hide the energy underneath, do not take action. 潛龍勿用

This hexagram symbolizes someone at the entry level, who may be capable but not have enough credibility to be recognized yet. It’s wise to not take action and keep a low profile.


When we get the hexagram as a 977777 from bottom to top, the oracle suggests:

When question is regarding business/wealth/health~

1. Timing is not right yet. Although there may be eagerness in our mind to proceed, we should hold back and take this time as the opportunity to increase our own strength, to observe carefully and know the situation better for future success. We should be patient and trust that the right time will come.

2. If actions is taken now, the bottom most line will turn into a broken line, it turns the hexagram “Qian ” to “Gou ”.

The broken line represents someone at a lower level, a villain, a negative energy. Movements will give them the opportunity to begin to grow, and the negative energy will then rise to destroy all the other positive unbroken lines above.

When the question is regarding romantic relationships~

The female is not a good one to marry because she is too strong of a character. A marriage like this will wear down positive energy and may result in trauma.

This hexagram “Gou ” is one of the two hexagrams among the sixty-four hexagram that symbolizes inverted love.


1 乾 Qian             c 1-1 乾 Qian 1 to 姤 Gou    Changes to 44 姤 Gou