9 in the 2nd place 

One is noticed with his capability, but he is still at a lower level that is in no  position of commanding. 見龍在田利見大人

With this oracle, one should approach people with influential power who can see his capability and effort to get support when opportunity comes.


Therefore, when we get the hexagram as a 797777 from bottom to top, the oracle reveals the current situation and gives advice to us that:

When question is business/wealth/health related ~

  1. Opportunity is here and timing is right. There must be someone with power that you can go for support. Therefore you should aggressively associate with people who has the same values like you to build your social net.
  1. When change takes place, the 2nd line from bottom will turn into a broken line, it turns the hexagram “Qian ” to “TongRen 同人”.

The broken line represents a gentle and agreeable attitude, one at the right position, and who gets the support with strong power of the authority ~ the broken line is you.

When the question is relationship related ~

It is the right timing, actions should be taken bravely and the result will be good as desired.  A long distance trip will be helpful.


1-2 乾 Qian 2 to 同人 Tong-Ren

c 1-2 乾 Qian 2 to 同人 Tong-Ren  Changes to  13 同人 TONG REN