9 in the 3rd place ~

A capable man works hard daily when time comes, his mind does not stop thinking even in the evening when everyone else are resting. Therefore he is careful enough to avoid pitfalls and remains blameless.  君子終日乾乾夕惕若厲无咎

With this oracle, one is in a crucial period. He should work harder, be very alert of higher competitions or potential crisis.


Therefore, when we get the hexagram as a 779777 from bottom to top, the oracle reveals the current situation and gives advice to us that:

When question is business/wealth/health related ~

  1. You may at the right position, but you don’t have the authority yet. Therefore its most important that you keep top alert to every detail to  minimize risk from mistakes.
  2. When change takes place, the 3rd line from bottom will turn into a broken line, it turns the hexagram “Qian ” to “Lv ”.

The broken line at the 3rd from the bottom makes the lower trigram to symbolize a joyful attitude, the upper trigram with three unbroken line symbolize a strong leader. When you do everything right, follow all the rules, nothing will go wrong.

When the question is relationship related ~

If you comply with all moral principal with a joyful attitude, a strong,  unshakable and smooth interpersonal relationship net will be built.


1-3 乾 Qian 3 to 屢 Lv

c 1-3 乾 Qian 3 to 屢 Lv    Changes to   10 履 Lv