9 in the 5th place 

The flying dragon seeks the wise one for advice.   飛龍在天利見大人

With this oracle, the person has achieved the highest position. His influences are visible to everyone and everywhere.  It’s important for him to approach wise men for advice.


When we get the hexagram as a 777797 from bottom to top, the oracle suggests:

Question related to business/wealth/health~ 

1. You have reached the highest and most influential position. It is important to seek advice from the higher ups  and experts. Collective efforts and flexible leadership will allow everything to fall in place.

2. When change takes place, the 5th line from bottom turns into a broken line, the hexagram changes from “Qian ” to “DaYo 大有”. 

This broken line makes the upper trigram to Li 離 , which symbolizes the sunshine, fire, and vibrations. The the lower trigram symbolizes the sky, actions, and movements.

Energy of the sunshine awakens all lives on earth to grow, which brings harvest of magnitude. It indicates abundance and wealth. You gain big.


Question regarding relationship~

 This is the good timing, you will gain support from key persons. Strong bonds are developed.


   c 1-5 乾 Qian 5 to 大有 Da-Yo   Changes to   14 大有 Da Yo1-5 乾 Qian 5 to 大有 Da-Yo