9 in the 6th place 

The dragon has reached its maximal potential.  亢龍有悔

 With this oracle, one has reached the extreme of his glory. He should be aware of the natural course of reversion at extreme, and know what steps to take next in order to exit the stage smoothly.


When we get the hexagram 777779, the oracle suggests:


Questions related to business/wealth/health ~

 1. It is time for adjustments. Adopt a low profile to get ready to face possible changes.

2. When change takes place, the 6th(top) line from bottom will turn into a broken line, it turns the hexagram “Qian ” to “Guai 夬  ”. 

The broken line makes the upper trigram to Dui, which symbolizes the water, pond, and joy, while the lower trigram symbolizes the sky. When water pours from the sky, it’s fast and fierce.  It indicates that one is better sharing the benefits with others at this stage, otherwise resentment will bring problems of destruction.


Question regarding relationships~ 

 There is threat from within, high alert is required.


1-6 乾 Qian 6 to 夬 Guai  c 1-6 乾 Qian 6 to 夬 Guai   Changes to  43 夬 Guai