6 in the 2nd place ~ (022009)

The land is fertile and large, whatever planted will grow naturally. It does not require someone with skills or knowledge. 直方大,不習,無不利。

This hexagram symbolizes someone with dignity and morality; he does everything according to the natural principles of nature.

When we get the hexagram as 868888 from bottom to top, the oracle suggests:

When question is regarding business/wealth/health~

Everything will turn out as it should, the way nature creates all beings without errors. There is no need to do anything special.

If change takes place in the situation, the 2nd bottom line will turn into an unbroken line, it turns the hexagram “Kun ” to “Shi ”.

Success will still be achieved with a good strategy and thorough plan. 

When the question is regardng romantic relationships~

This person is the one!

2-2 坤 Kung 2 to 師 Shi  c 2-2 坤 Kung 2 to 師 Shi   Changes to 7 師