6 in the 5th place ~ (025012) 

The leader brings upon supreme good fortune.

This hexagram symbolizes that the person in charge is an ideal leader with genuine leadership qualities.  Great success will be reached so long as one proceeds cautiously and maintains a humble attitude.


When we get the hexagram as 888868 from bottom to top, the oracle suggests:

When question is regarding business/wealth/health~

Great success will be achieved because of public respect and support.


When the question is regarding romantic relationships~

Your dreams will come true. It is meant to be and everything will take its course effortlessly.


If change takes place in the situation, the 5th bottom line will turn into an unbroken line. It transforms the hexagram “Kun ” to “Bi .

Align yourself with others who share the same spiritual goals and strong leadership. This will bring upon good fortune.

2-5 坤 Kung 5 to 比 Bi  c 2-5 坤 Kung 5 to 比 Bi   Changes to 8 比