9 at the beginning ~(031015)

Challenges in the beginning, persistence is important, alliance helps. 盤桓, 利居貞, 利建侯.

This hexagram suggests that one will encounter initial challenges, the chaos that emerges during creation by heaven and earth.  It is important to keep one’s eye on the goal, but pause to find alliance and to await for an appropriate time to proceed.


When we get the hexagram 988878 from bottom to top, the oracle suggests:

When question is regarding business/wealth/health~

Keep the target in your mind but not to forcefully advance.  Find capable people and make them your ally to expand your own strength.

When the question is regarding romantic relationships~

This person is reliable and trustworthy. Take time to observe and establish bonding.


If actions is taken now, the bottom most line will turn into a broken line, it turns the hexagram “Zhun” to “Bi”.

You will successfully establish a foundation when you collaborate with your allies to overcome challenges. Proceed with a humble spirit.

3-1 屯 Zhun 1 to 比 Bi  c 3-1 屯  Zhun 1 to 比 Bi   Changes to →  8 比