6 in the 2nd place ~(032016)


Challenges accumulate, the horse and wagon separate. The young lady does not agree to marry until the right one comes along ten years later.屯如邅如, 乘馬班如, 匪寇婚媾, 女子貞不字, 十年乃字.


This hexagram suggests that unexpected challenges will arise. Someone may offer to help but accepting the assistance may compromise the situation. Pause and give yourself some time for the desired outcome to be achieved.


When we get the hexagram 768878 from bottom to top, the oracle suggests:


When question is regarding business/wealth/health~

Keep alert but take no action because its not yet the right time.


When the question is regarding romantic relationships~

It’s too early to talk about marriage yet.



If actions is taken now, the 2nd line from bottom will turn into an unbroken line, it turns the hexagram “Zhun” to “Jie ”.

With this hexagram, one can achieve success with his free spirit but it is important to adhere to existing limitations.

3-2 屯 Zhun 2 to 節 Jie   c 3-2 屯 Zhun 2 to 節 Jie   Changes to    60 節 Jie