6 in the 4th place ~(034018)


The horse and wagon are striving for union. Moving forward will bring upon good fortune, everything will proceed as desired. 乘馬班如, 求婚媾, 往吉, 無不利.

This hexagram indicates that difficulties will be encountered. However opportunities to make connections and receive help will present themselves. Accepting assistance from the right source will facilitate success. 


When we get the hexagram 788678 from bottom to top, the oracle suggests:

When question is regarding business/wealth/health~

The time is ripe, go ahead and you will succeed.

When the question is regarding romantic relationships~

It meant to be! Bring the diamond ring to propose.


If actions is taken now, the 4th line from bottom will turn into an unbroken line, it turns the hexagram “Zhun” to “Sui ”.

With this hexagram, one should rest to harness momentum for action.  Adapting to the demands of others can lead to favorable outcomes.

3-4 屯 Zhun 4 to 隨 Sui   c 3-4 屯  Zhun 4 to 隨 Sui   Changes to ⇒  17 隨 SUI