9 in the 5th place ~(035019)

There are limited resources available. Small endeavors will succeed and large attempts may fail. 屯其膏, 小貞吉, 大貞凶.

This hexagram suggests one should avoid reaching for unrealistic goals.  

When we get the hexagram 788898 from bottom to top, the oracle suggests:

When question is regarding business/wealth/health~

It will be hard to reach success because of limited resources.

When the question is regarding romantic relationships~

This person may be rich but heartless. 


If change takes place, the 5th line from bottom will turn into a broken line, it turns the hexagram “Zhun” to “Fu”.

With this hexagram, the worst times have passed. The turning point has arrived.  One should be patient and take time to rest to regain strength. Everything will be good in time and likely.

3-5 屯 Zhun 5 to 復 Fu   c 3-5 屯 Zhun 5 to 復 Fu  Changes to  ⇒   24 復 FU