6 in the 6th place ~(036020)

The horse and wagon are apart, blood shatters.  乘馬班如, 泣血漣如. 

This hexagram indicates that one is stuck in the difficulty and drowns in tears.


When we get the hexagram 788876 from bottom to top, the oracle suggests: 

When question is regarding business/wealth/health~

The game is as good as over. Change your thoughts and take quick action by swallowing your pride. 

When the question is regarding romantic relationships~

It’s hard to find one’s way out unless one can change perspective. Try not to persist in the situation to avoid harm.


If change takes place, the 5th line from bottom will turn into a broken line, it turns the hexagram “Zhun” to “Yi ”.

With this hexagram, one should focus on developing positive personal qualities. It is important to share one’s fortune and wealth with those in need. Timely action matters.

3-6 屯 Zhun 6 to 益 Yi   c 3-6 屯 Zhun 6 to 益 Yi   Changes to⇒  42 益 Yi