2018 Good Luck Fengshui ~ Northwest

Northwest:  Standing at the center of your home facing north, between 300~330 degrees.

This area is the mecca of positive interpersonal relationship in the year of 2018! It is an area that fosters facilitators, long term partnership, and positive collaboration. One is extremely lucky if one’s bedroom, study, or living area is located in the Northwest, or if the main entrance to the home is at this location.

Elements of iron and water helps to enhance the positive energy in the Northwest.

The best way to achieve this is by placing a fish bowl in this area with 1 goldfish. This will provide a huge boost in luck!

Avoid plants and decorations with elements of fire and earth in this area.

2018年的风水摆设 ~ 西北

西北区域: 立于屋子正中心点面向正北方,300~330度角之间的区域