Southwest: Standing at the center of your home facing north, between 210~240 degrees.

This area is associated with unexpected wealth and fortune in the year of 2018! It is also connected to one’s travel opportunities, pertinent to those who hope to study abroad, immigrate, or crave for vacations abroad. It is especially ideal if one spends a significant amount of time in this area of the home, which is usually the case if the Southwest is where one’s bedroom, study, or living area is located.

To foster the positive energy:

-Place a clay bowl in this area and fill it with domestic currency coins.

-Hang a clock on the wall.

Together these fengshui decorations will bring wealth into your home 24 hours a day!

To promote opportunities to travel, place a gold model car in this area.

Avoid decorations with plants and water, and avoid use of green, red, and blue. Emphasis should be place on use of white, earth-toned, and gold elements to enhance positive energies.


西南区域: 立于屋子正中心点面向正北方,210~240度角之间的区域

2018年的西南方,正是最大的财气正能量!多半是意外之财。对经商的人、做业务的人最为相应。 同时也充满着旅游出国的能量。