Northeast: Standing at the center of your home facing north, between 30~60 degrees.

This area is associated with dispute and conflict in the year of 2018. It can cause particular impact to those who spend a lot of time in this area (such as sleeps here, sits here often, or frequently enters home from this area). Bad luck, poor communication, and lawsuits can occur. One may also have frequent encounters with individuals who knowingly or unknowingly, make life harder for oneself.

To ameliorate this negative energy, one can do the following:

-Hang a painting with three red hearts on the wall.

-If there is a sofa or bed here, place three red, heart-shaped cushions for decoration.

-If there is a table here, place a fruit bowl with three red apples.

Decorations to avoid in this area include plants, and objects that have water and earthy elements.


东北区域: 立于屋子正中心点面向正北方,3060度角之间的区域

2018 年中的东北区域充满了口舌对立的负能量。对于时常在这个区域行住坐卧的人来说,很有可能会发现自己经常会有与人意见不合的时候。吵架、争执、甚至于官司诉讼都可能会发生,也有可能多遇小人。