Physiognomy ~ Lips

Women with the following features fall blindly in love and end up abandoned in the relationship.

1. Dark, slanted or almond-shaped eyes, with thick eyebrows.

2. Bulgy eyes.

3. Extremely long and curved eyelashes.

4. Wide and prominent forehead, or a very narrow forehead with low hairline.

5. Concave temples with lines, moles, or other markings in the area.

6. Dimples on cheeks even when not smiling.

7. Diamond-shaped face with very narrow chin.

8. Luscious, firm lips with the upper lip thicker than the lower.

9. Female mustache.


Some men become more popular and may enjoy frequent infatuation relations after reaching their middle age.

It can be because at this stage in their lives, they hold a better financial status and are filled with sexual desires.
These men usually have a big, meaty nose.

It may also be due to the fact that they’ve reached higher social status and hold greater authority.

These kind of men often have wide, square mandibles. They are grounded and confident of their decisions.

In addition, men can exhibit such behavior because they enjoy messing around with female and have stopped worrying about the consequences.
These kind of men often have big and misaligned of teeth.

Sometimes, these men have lived such a mundane life that they are ready for some excitement.
These kind of men usually have very smooth, tender and delicate skin.

Finally, of course it is possible that they are just kind, confident, thoughtful men with warm personalities and health bodies – both of which attract the opposite sex.

These men often have full lips with a gentle smile, straight and nice shiny teeth, and thick hair.

Pay a little more attention to your relationship if your man has these features:

He has amber-colored pupils (instead of dark brown or black).

When you look into his eyes, you feel an overwhelming sense of depth and affection.

He has puffy lower eyelids, which suggest strong sexual desires.

The corners of his eyes droop down, indicating unusual personal preferences that may take you by surprise. 

He has raises temples and may have vertical lines, moles, or other markings in the temple area.

He has dark eye circles, which suggests he may indulge in carnal pleasures without restraint.

He has an extensive and busy network of wrinkles at the corner of his eyes (crows feet), indicating he is very much a player in the arena of romance.

Some women have their hearts broken so frequently that they may lose faith in love.
These women usually have similar facial features:

Narrow foreheads with low hairline, which shows they may have a hard life at an early age.

Very thin and light colored eyebrows, which suggests paucity of passion. 

Very short noses, which indicates their other half may be very undependable.

Small mouths and thin lips, which reflect loneliness at older age.

Some women may wonder why they seem doomed in their romantic or marital relationships. Either they meet the wrong person, or they share financial losses with their men.

These women may find themselves with similar facial features such as:

A mole in the center of her neck, or in the temple area. The temples may also be concave.

A mole between her eyebrows. This can indicate a bad marriage because of debts accumulated between husband and wife in the past lifetime.

A big face with a small nose or a flat nose bridge. This indicates poor financial luck and a tough, laborious life.

Long eyebrows with a wide distance between them. This feature suggests frequently being cheated upon due to having too trusting of a personality.

An upper lip with prominent tubercle, ears with antihelix that stick out, or a very short and small nose. These features suggest poor marital relationships.

Women with frequent romantic encounters often have a delicate glowing complexion on their face.

Her eyes look bright and intelligent; the corner of her rosy lips always carry a smile when you establish eye contact with her.

She has sexy puffy lips with a prominent tubercle and her beautiful teeth demonstrate a harmonious and stable personality.






Her softly curved eyebrows reflect the attractive female tenderness.

Her soft hair reveals her charming, pleasant and smooth interpersonal skills.

For some individuals it is easy to achieve success in their careers, while for others it may appear impossible to hold down a steady job. These individuals tend to have different facial features.





It is likely to be difficult for someone with a very flat nose bridge and high cheekbones to become very successful with his or her career. Although high cheekbones indicate an abundance of drive and ambition, this individual is short of confidence, indecisive, lacks creativity, and tends to go with the flow with lack of consideration of consequences.


Individuals with big noses and high eyebrows usually are stubborn and unruly. Therefore it is difficult for them to gain appreciation from their colleagues and superiors.


People with narrow, pointed aquiline noses tend to be apathetic or merciless. Thus these individuals lack strong support networks to sustain them through times of need.


Finally, individuals with crooked noses and very thin lips are likely undependable. Therefore these individuals are frequently perceived as untrustworthy and therefore their success will be limited.