North: Standing at the center of your home facing north, between 345~15 degrees.

This area harnesses negative energy in the year of 2018, particularly related to contagious disease, loss of fortune, and unexpected bad luck. It can be of significant impact if one spends a lot of time in this area, which tends to happen if the bedroom, study, couch, or entrance of home is located in the North.

Decorations that are metallic or white can be used to counter these negative energies. The best options are to hang a gold or copper gourd and a string of five emperor coins in this area. If this space happens to be the bedroom, only use the gourd.

Avoid use of red and earthy-colored decor.


正北区域: 立于屋子正中心点面向正北方,345~15度角之间的区域






2018 is the year of the Earth Dog and along comes new shift in energies. For those who are proactive and prepared, new opportunities will become available and good fortune can be anticipated. This is particularly true for individuals born in the year of the rabbit, tiger, and horse. Now is the time to make new fengshui arrangements to optimize what’s to come, don’t wait! 

Center: This is the area within your arms length when you stand at the center of the entire house.

To enhance positive energy in the center of your home, place a water grown plant in a glass bowl and shine light on it, preferably with a red lamp. This will facilitate marriage, childbirth, promotions, and furthering of one’s ambitions!




2018年的中央范围,充满着喜庆的能量。有太多开心的事情可以发生!结婚生子、升官发财、置业买车、升学就业,一切心想事成的事情都有可能会实现~ 所以一定要注意中央范围的布置。用一盏有着红色灯罩的灯照着一盆用玻璃缸裝的水养植物放在中央,願生氣蓬勃的植物帶來發光燦爛的喜悅。


Northeast is the area that governs fame, success, and recognition.

Place a bundle of lucky bamboo in a glass pot filled with water in the NE.  The upward growth of this lucky bamboo is symbolic of your accomplishments and growing fame.

Green plants are good for this area.

Use blue, grey and green in this area; avoid red, purple, white, metallic and earthy colors.



2017 is a year filled with opportunities created through good inter-personal relationships.  

Center ~

The center of your home is the most important area in the year 2017. It must be clean and well presented.

A round fish tank should be placed in this area, home to a beautiful gold fish swimming in between sea plantation, glistening under the spotlight. This will enforce good energy and bring you desired facilitators.

Also appropriate for this area are paintings of quiet bodies of water (creek, lake) and metal decorative ornaments. 

Use blue, grey, gold, silver and metallic colors; avoid red, purple, green and earthy colors.


蒙 Meng

6 in the 3rd place ~(043023)

Don’t act like a girl who loses herself when she meets an attractive man. It’s not good for either parties. 勿用取女, 見金夫, 不有躬, 無攸利.

This hexagram indicates the weak and inexperience man struggles to rise by imitating a successful man. He loses his own individuality. He may lose his dignity, like a girl who throws herself towards a desirable man.

When we get the hexagram 876887 from bottom to top, the oracle suggests:

When question is regarding business/wealth/health~

To take by force or against God’s will will not get you anywhere.

When the question is regarding romantic relationships~

Money does not necessarily bring you happiness.

If change takes place, the 3rd line from bottom will turn into a single line, it turns the hexagram “Meng 蒙” t0 “Gu 蠱”.

With this hexagram, one loses his own individuality and dignity from wanting to get something out of reality. It’s better to wait.

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蒙 Meng

9  the 2nd place ~(042022)

Embrace the ignorance of those who are less informed. Armed with this quality, the son will have matured enough to take charge of the household. 包蒙吉, 納婦吉, 子克家.

This hexagram indicates that one who is not a recognized leader has the strength, wisdom, and understanding to fulfill the responsibilities in question.

When we get the hexagram 898887 from bottom to top, the oracle suggests:

When question is regarding business/wealth/health~

Tolerance for the ignorant will bring you achievement.

When the question is regarding romantic relationships~

This person is reliable and your marriage will bring a solid foundation in family and career.

If change takes place, the 2nd line from bottom will turn into a broken line, it turns the hexagram “Meng 蒙” t0 “Bo 剝”.

With this hexagram, one should submit to the bad times and carry a low profile. It’s not a matter whether one is capable enough, but rather the appropriate timing of action.

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蒙 Meng

6 at the beginning ~(041021)

Apply strict disciplines for education. Nevertheless, be strategic with dosage because excessive discipline will bring humiliation and cripples one’s power. 發蒙, 利用刑人, 用說桎梏, 以往吝。

This hexagram indicates that strict disciplines and rules must be implemented early on to set standards of expectation.

When we get the hexagram 678887 from bottom to top, the oracle suggests:

When question is regarding business/wealth/health~

Undesirable result may ensue if one takes action at his discretion.

When the question is regarding romantic relationships~

Leopards can’t change their spotty coat. Take more time to observe to uncover the facts.

If change takes place, the 1st line from bottom will turn into a single line, it turns the hexagram “Meng 蒙” t0 “Sun 損”.

With this hexagram, one should try to reduce the desire for more materialistic fulfillment and enrich thy inner self. One should help others and share with sincerity, as this will promote future gains.

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